Good Range of healthy food products

Mayonnaise (Real Classic flavored Eggless)

With Vital Veg Mayonnaise, you can make your sandwiches, wraps, and macaroni a whole lot creamier, richer, and smoother. Thanks to its neutral and adaptable taste, you can make all your dishes stand out in taste and flavor.

Vegetarian Mayonnaise

This mayonnaise is vegetarian and free of trans-fat and cholesterol. This way, you can enjoy eating wraps, sandwiches, and more without a worry.

Semolina & White Oats

Variety of fruit jams


100 % Sunflower Oil


No need to go to a restaurant for Alfredo pasta as you can make this Italian delicacy at home with the Vital Foods Pasta Alfredo Sauce.
Enjoy making and eating creamy Alfredo pasta with this delicious sauce.