About Us

Vital foods factory LLC

Is a manufacturing & repacking facility unit, based in United Arab Emirates, with excellent infrastructure facility built by following standards norms of FSSC, BRC and CAC certifications.

We are highly specialized in manufacturing/ blending and refilling of tailor made product/ customized products as per the customers requirement and scope in their estimated **private brands **with our in-house product R&D team and label designing team.

Currently we are having following product range in Vital brand as:

  1.  Mayonnaise (Real/Classic/ flavored/Eggless)
  2.  *Salad Dressing *(Ranch/French/Italian etc)
  3.  Honey (All types and origin)
  4.  Jams (All Types with and without sugar)
  5.  Flavored syrups ( strawberry/ Chocolate/ pancake etc)
  6.  Edible/ Vegetable oils ( cooking oil, sunflower, soyabean, mustard, Sessame, corn and olive oil )
  7.  Other products( popcorn, oats and semolina)